...Reach Out

If it hasn't been evident before now, staying connected with people has an immeasurable impact on one's wellbeing.  Let’s be intentional about maintaining our village.  Just as our personality influences our style, we must tailor our communication to fit an individual’s need.  

There are so many ways to stay connected.  Video-conferencing birthday parties and virtual happy hours are extremely popular right now.  But for those that aren't as interested or want to communicate on a smaller scale,  send a personalized card or letter using snail mail.  Or take it back to the smaller group platforms of FaceTime and Google Duo.

Busy juggling many hats?  Send a text just to check in on others.  But be sure to be thoughtful about what you say.  Be ready to respond, because this may create a moment for needed empathy and encouragement.

Miss going to the theaters?  Host a movie watch party with family or friends. 

Miss game night? Play virtual board games with your family or friends. 

Miss your quick shopping trips with a friend?  Host a virtual Girls Night Out with a small business.

Miss your daily walks or workouts with a friend?  Setup a friendly step count competition using a fitness app or built-in phone setting.  

However we decide, just be sure to reach out to others - it'll sure benefit us and them!

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