...Ignore the Box

Why do you have to do that? That doesn’t make sense.  

Maybe you should just wait. The time isn’t just right.  

Why would you give that up? You would have to start all over.  

But you haven’t done that before. You don’t know anything about that.

Have you ever heard anyone say, or make you feel like, those sentiments apply to what you are doing?  Often times, we approach different tasks, decisions, journeys based on external factors and others’ experiences.  We often limit ourselves because that very thing we know we should pursue or experience, is something we either have seen others struggle to overcome or we are too afraid to try.  As you live your life journey, ignore the box.  We should have an appreciation for the conventional approaches yet not fear to be a limitless creative.  Instead of boxing ourselves in, let’s challenge ourselves to embrace a life of distinction.

It’s kind of hard to stay in the box, or think out of the box, if there really isn’t one there.  Don’t allow others to establish a boundary or limitation for you, but instead, set your own standard, compete with yourself, establish your own journey.

“A person is limited only by the thoughts he chooses.”  - James Allen


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