Based out of the Northern area of Virginia, Sow Cole Creations was birthed from the love of visual arts, color, creativity and the desire to share those loves with the people around.  Sow Cole Creations' motto is to Sow In Style,  embracing our unique style, as we grow artistically, personally and professionally.

SOW UNIQUE About Our Clientele

Each piece is handcrafted with the everyday woman in mind. The woman on the go, the woman wearing many hats, the woman supporting her community. Each piece has a name and is a reflection of the woman that’s wearing it. - the fun, unique, confident woman. Without saying a word, the room recognizes who she is - a confident, fun, unique, expressive, versatile woman. Whether in jeans, business wear or a night out, our clients love the versatility of the pieces joined with the added confidence and encouragement while styling in the accessories. Each piece is curated with them (and you) in mind - classy, classic with a bit of flair.


Sow Cole Creations designs pieces that are specifically set within inspired collections. Each collection merges art with a stage in life’s journey. For instance, pieces within the In Full Bloom collection are all symbolic of growth and development, while those within the Triumph Collection celebrates victory after experiencing a bit of “bends and turns”. Each piece within the Triumph Collection artfully displays the process of being versatile and dependable in the midst of uncertainty. Each collection tells a subtle story to uplift the clients who wear them. Each piece in the collection is a visual piece of art that weaves the human element into style.

SOW CREATIVE About Our Materials

Curating an innovative, fresh way to style in leather, our handcrafted designs incorporate leather, wood, metals and gemstones. Leather’s versatility in texture, color and weight are what makes it such an attractive medium. We acquire high quality leathers, in varying tannages, to design and create pieces that you can feel confident in - both style and craftsmanship. Gemstones, wood and metals bring a bit of texture, and classic style to each design and only the best are hand-selected and incorporated into our designs. Approximately 50% of our leather are remnants from high quality leather, that would otherwise be in our nation’s landfills.  We also use hyper-allergenic, nickel free ear hooks.


No two days are identical, nor is your style. Whether it’s with the little black dress, a vibrant summer top, or classic jeans and a graphic t-shirt, our designs transform the everyday look. From our signature technique of rolled and gathered leather, to handpainted abstract art design, our pieces are sure to be your new go-to accessories for eyecatching style.


Investing into others has always been the core of Sow Cole Creations’ mission. We birthed this company to spread confidence and happiness, Throughout each year, we donate to community programs and/or non-profits that align with our mission to encourage and support women and families.

"...That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers." - Psalms 1:3