Often described by her supporters as a visionary of fun, vibrant, unique designs, Nicole Coleman has always loved the arts.  Since a little girl, she enjoyed painting, drawing, and crafting.  Using different canvases throughout the years, Nicole is a true artisan at heart, enjoying sewing, baking and cake decorating, in addition to being well-known for her ability to turn any party or event into a decorated masterpiece.  As the creative designer and artisan of Sow Cole Creations, Nicole has curated a new and fresh way to incorporate leather that is fashion forward, by combining all of the techniques she’s developed overtime.

Sow Cole Creations offers statement pieces that are created using high-quality leather remnants, creatively manipulated, while also incorporating wood and gemstones.  Sow Cole Creations was birthed from Nicole’s love of visual arts, color, creativity and the desire to share those loves with the people around.  Through Sow Cole Creations, Nicole is able to invest in herself and others, by uniquely designing and handcrafting accessories; bringing added confidence to those who experience her art.  Nicole strives to bring fun and creativity to many aspects of a person’s life while also bringing encouragement. Encouragement to be bold, fun and to stand out in a positive way - TO BE YOU!