...Get Unstuck

I recently completed my first 2020 read, “The Little Book of Big Lies: A Journey Into Inner Fitness”, by Tina Lifford.  There were so many nuggets shared throughout this text. One that stood out was related to how one tends to get “stuck” on something from the past and doesn’t realize the power it has on ones progress forward.  The author challenged you to recite a statement, during those “stuck” times, “Up until now.....” and “From this point forward.......” I started to reflect on what gets me “stuck”.  Management of my time.  I feel like I have great intentions when I rise every morning, but I often find myself getting “stuck” when I overload my schedule.  With good intentions for productivity, I generate a list of tasks and ideas that I really can’t get done during the planned period of time and in turn I find myself not getting anything completed.  So now, I say to myself, Up Until Now, my desire to be productive overtook my schedule.  From This Point Forward, I commit to realistic, concise to-do lists.  This has helped with my time management and, in turn, my productivity.  I’m able to sit back at week’s end and observe my list of accomplished tasks.  Being an entrepreneur, wife, mother and friend, I’m striving to sow a balance life.  What past decisions or experiences are hindering your progress and what will you change from this point forward, to get unstuck?

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