Sow Cole Creations



Made with you in mind, these leather scented candles are ready to fill your room with a luxurious, mesmerizing aroma.

Available in scents: Kendall and Teagan

Size: 8oz Amber Glass Jar

Burn time: 40 - 50 hours

Materials: 100% Soy Wax, Phlaphate-free fragrance


Kendall:  Leather|Brandy|Wood

Think warm, enticing, grown and sexy.  Scent notes of leather, of course, with warm Brandy and crisp wood undertones 


Teagan: Leather|Lemon

Memories of sipping sweet lemon tea in a well-loved recliner.  Crisp notes of leather and lemon.


Custom curated candle handpoured in Virginia by Sips & Secrets,  LLC 

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