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Yohance: God's Gift

Inspired by the continent itself, these Africa shaped earrings feature gold imprinting to represent the gift of royalty. 

Two styles: 

Half and Half - smaller earrings with one side featuring gold on top and the other featuring gold at the bottom.

Semi - larger earrings with gold at diagonal angle on the bottom of both.

  • Materials: Cowhide leather
  • Length: Half and Half (2 inches) Semi (3 inches), from top of earring hook to bottom of earring
  • Width: Half and Half (1.5 inches) Semi (2 inches), at widest point
  • Metals:  Nickel free, hypoallergenic
  • Weight: 0.1 oz

Please note: Our accessories are all handmade. Each earring is uniquely crafted, as such, no two pairs are identical and pattern/color distribution of each pair will vary.


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