About Sow In Style


It’s not just a catchy hashtag, but a representation of what Sow Cole Creations was established to be.  We strive to encourage individuals to invest in themselves, while they are investing into others. 

As the owner and artisan of Sow Cole Creations, I launched this business out of necessity.  I’ve worked in my gifts of help and service since a young girl, always assisting others to reach towards their potential and purpose.  In December 2016, I hit the realization that in the midst of helping and serving others, I hadn’t fully sown into myself.  I understand that in order to fully impact the lives around me, I must be able to present my full self, developed on spiritual, personal, physical and professional levels. *

Through Sow Cole Creations, I am able to invest in myself and others, by uniquely designing and handcrafting accessories; bringing added confidence to those who experience my art.  But for me, it doesn’t stop there.  In the midst of presenting my art and brand to the world, I desire to continue to nurture and support the community around me.

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