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I know what you may be thinking - “What is Nicole talking about? Take It Easy?  I have so much to get done.  I have a project due.  The kids need help with all of this distant learning.  I need to get on this Zoom call now!”  While I would say that taking a break from all of your tasks, is never a bad thing.  When I say “Take it easy”, I’m saying, “Take it easy on YOURSELF!”
After months of being isolated from a lot of the previous norms, we are all starting to get back into the groove of things and moving forward with resuming business as usual, just in a more virtual way.  While I acknowledge that our lives “must go on”, I also understand that the way we are moving forward is nothing like we expected and we’re all learning as we go.
Approach everything with a bit of grace towards yourself.  We can’t be everywhere, we can’t do everything, we must give ourselves grace and know that it will be okay if it’s not perfect, didn’t happen on time or exactly the way we wanted it to.  It’s OKAY!  No one is perfect and we are all doing the best that we are naturally equipped to do.  Seek to find ways to strengthen yourself on a mental, physical and spiritual level and move forward with grace. And recognize that this time in our lives isn’t forever, but for a season of growth.
Denounce fear, as it was not given to us by God but instead embrace the things that were given by Him - strength, perseverance, love, GRACE.   Take it easy on yourself, as we not only GO through this, but  we GROW through this. 

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Thanks for sharing a great and timely message!!

Brenda Barland May 10, 2021

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